thefrenchguy studio

"It's easy with thefrenchguy"

About Us - Services
Still Images & Video Clips are integreted together to tell a story, to showcase your business or to create great family memories.

Our Services:
  • Images for commercial usage
  • Portrait in studio or location
  • Family and events photography
  • Video montage, publicity & marketing
  • Training, classes and workshops
  • Camera and equipment assistance
  • Printing, photo restoration
  • Fine art and precious object photography

A Little More About Us

Our Style:
Thefrenchguy photography offers photos to the imaging industry as well as art collectors that are created with an artistic and creative view point, expressing the photographer sensitivity to forms, colors and beauties that are surrounding us. This can happened in the garden, at the beach, on the street, at the market, while traveling or in the studio; thefrenchguy listen to the light and capture it at the perfect moment in time.
The quality of the light, the geometric elements and compositions must all lined up, like the stars, in order to create a stellar images that is appealing and creating the emotional connection with the viewer. These images are used in many forms and for many different purposes but all with the same intent - convey a message or a story.


Our Mission:

Create images that are fresh, professional, artistic and mesmerizing to the eyes of the viewer. Share our passion for fine art photography with everyone and engage the viewers in discovering the power of creativity while exploring our surrounding.


Our Location:
Thefrenchguy photography works in the lowcountry in South Carolina.
Our studio address is 31 Hunter Road, Suite D near the Hilton Head Regional Airport. Photo session, photo services and consultation by appointment only. Please call 843-422-8122